Far away worlds,
    The sky of the evening,
    The source of new discovery.
    The least of these steals my utter passion,
    Yet the finest of these fade in the glow of your gaze.
    The collapse of my very foundations from your whisper.
    How shall I conduct my manner, my words?
    Control these bones, these thoughts?
    Are not your eyes as piercing as steel?
    As tender as a flower's blossomed kiss?
    Is not your voice as a gentle brushstroke of an artist,
    Activating life in color?
    I am immovable as a canyon, layered like bedrock.
    Please stay with me a moment longer, breathtaker.
    My far away world,
    My sky of the evening,
    My source of new discovery,
    My only one,
    My love.

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